Chanel beauty in the red

By Disneyrollergirl December 5, 2018 Off

Red is a key colour for Chanel global creative make-up and colour designer, Lucia Pica. It was the focus of her first makeup collection for them; she considers it the colour of life and it’s also the colour of the delicious new limited edition Chanel no 5 bottle (which makes the classic scent seem suddenly […]

Buy it now: the Dieter Rams handbag

By Disneyrollergirl December 1, 2018 Off

Fascinating fact: in 1963, Dieter Rams (of iconic Braun alarm clock and Vitsoe shelving fame) designed a handbag for his wife, Ingeborg. A classic, boxy piece with a simple curved handle, it was not unlike the kind of bag more recently designed by Valextra or #oldCeline. 45 years later, the ‘931’ bag is being reproduced […]

Quote of the day: Christopher Wylie

By Disneyrollergirl November 30, 2018 Off

“When you look at history, every major movement, the first thing they do is create an aesthetic. Think about the Nazis. Or the Maoists in China. Any kind of revolution has an aesthetic, and that’s because one of the fundamental human universals that everybody in every culture throughout time has done is wear clothes…. People […]